Nigeria’s most recent HDI score of 0.539 puts her at number 161 out of 189 countries in human development rankings. Despite this disheartening score, being yet the biggest economy in the continent really explains a lot about why Africa has, for ages, achieved way below her enormous potential.

The Valor Tribe represents a new breed of people committed to changing this narrative. They are raised in Valor City—an ecosystem designed to empower them with the mindset to see what is possible for themselves, their society, and the continent at large. 

They are the tribe trained, nurtured, and empowered to unlock Africa’s full potential.


To create an ecosystem for breeding a new tribe of people empowered to unlock Africa’s full potential


To massively nurture and develop the continent’s human capital base by giving everyone the access to reach the fullness of their potentials through the instrumentality of sport, reimagined education, tourism, and healthcare.



Because we believe that we are genuinely passionate and intentional about giving everyone the access to see what is possible for themselves, their societies, and the African continent at large, and empowering them to shape her future.


Because we understand that a mindset and belief system that hinges on absolute quality across all levels is one of the cardinal fundamentals that needs to be reworked into the collective African human fabric.


Because we believe that to change the continent’s narrative and get the kind of result that truly consolidates Africa’s vast and enormous potential, we need to explore new and unusual ways of doing things.


The Valor City, at this preliminary, developmental stage is exclusively a project of Hastom Group under which are separate companies with key interests in Agriculture, Real Estate, Food Processing, Human Development, and Tourism.

Over the past years, Hastom has