Valor City:

Africa’s first human development focused smart city.


Nigeria’s most recent HDI score of 0.539 puts her at number 161 out of 189 countries in human development rankings. Despite this disheartening score, being yet the biggest economy in the continent really explains a lot about why Africa has, for ages, achieved way below her enormous potential.

The Valor Tribe represents a new breed of people committed to changing this narrative. They are raised in Valor City—an ecosystem designed to empower them with the mindset to see what is possible for themselves, their society, and the continent at large. 

They are the tribe trained, nurtured, and empowered to unlock Africa’s full potential.


To create an ecosystem for breeding a new tribe of people empowered to unlock Africa’s full potential


To massively nurture and develop the continent’s human capital base by giving everyone the access to reach the fullness of their potentials through the instrumentality of sport, reimagined education, tourism, and healthcare.



Because we believe that we are genuinely passionate and intentional about giving everyone the access to see what is possible for themselves, their societies, and the African continent at large, and empowering them to shape her future.


Because we understand that a mindset and belief system that hinges on absolute quality across all levels is one of the cardinal fundamentals that needs to be reworked into the collective African human fabric.


Because we believe that to change the continent’s narrative and get the kind of result that truly consolidates Africa’s vast and enormous potential, we need to explore new and unusual ways of doing things.


The Valor City, at this preliminary, developmental stage is exclusively a project of Hastom Group under which are separate companies with key interests in Agriculture, Real Estate, Food Processing, Human Development, and Tourism.

Over the past years, Hastom has

Pioneered Agricultural Real Estate in Africa
Helped thousands of investors, agro-enthusiasts, and the general public create massive wealth through profitable investments in yam and cassava cultivation, cattle rearing, cashew trading, and general agribusiness.
Major influencer of the Nigerian cashew value chain (Number one exported agricultural product) by being an active cultivator, aggregator and leading promoter of the Ogbomoso cashew nut which is unarguably the most in demand all over the world.
Leading pioneer of absentee farming in Africa having helped thousands of people who have the interest and financial resources but have no time and expertise to manage their agro investment and portfolios (Over 2500 farm setup and management.)
Major contributor to the African agro value chain by facilitating the availability of thousands of fertile and arable farmland (outright sales or lease) yearly (over 15k acres till date) to hundreds of agro investors across Africa and the world at large.
Successfully engineered the development and popularity of Oriire local government in Ogbomosho, Oyo state into one of the fastest growing agricultural hub in Africa with the presence of heavy agro-based projects and people of diverse nationalities contributing geometrically to the economic output of the area.
Over 5000 satisfied investors, partners, and clients across Africa and the rest of the world.
Over 6000 metric tons of cashew traded since 2019.
Full media mentions and coverage across leading Nigerian newspapers like The Nation, Guardian, Business Day, among others.
Awarded the MOST OUTSTANDING AGRICULTURAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY by South West Nigeria Excellence Award (2019).


Debo is a firm believer in the potential and possibilities of Africa. He exists, in his own words, “to help people, or a society, live to the fullness of what is possible for them and their potentials.” His deep passion for transforming the African landscape by raising young Africans who will be confident living on their own terms, challenge system’s status quo, and live the life of their dreams remains the cardinal inspiration and bedrock of the Valor City project which is primed to become Africa’s first smart city championing holistic human development through the instrumentality of sports, reimagined education, tourism, and healthcare. Aside from being the leader of the Valor Tribe, he is the CEO of Hastom Foods and Farms, a full-blown, award-winning Agricultural Real Estate/Food processing company in Nigeria. He is also the founder and Executive Chairman of the Hastom Group with interests in Real Estate, Agriculture, Tourism/Hospitality, among others.