10,000,000 Square Metres of Opportunities | 1 Access Point

Valor City is being built on over 2500 acres of land. The project is devoted to leading a human development revolution that will unlock Africa’s full potential through sports, reimagined education, tourism, and healthcare. 


  • Building designs and layouts are done and approved by international city development experts.
  • Pedestrian-friendly layout with access to restaurants and shopping amenities.
  • An ambiance that offers all the comfort and convenience of a 21st-century smart city. 
  • Topnotch recreational and healthcare facilities.
  • Sidewalks, buffers, and mini-parks, among others, for all age groups.


  • The retail center of the city.
  • With over 80,000 residents and 20,000 commuters the city can handle per day, there is an obvious need for an all-inclusive market that serves this new community.
  • An extensive range of amenities, accompanied by ample on-site parking, provides shoppers with a premium retail experience and abundant lifestyle options.
  • Restaurants, shops, cinemas, malls, and a variety of stores.

Business District

  • The corporate, business, and financial center of the city.
  • The hub for existing Nigerian businesses and international companies of all sizes.
  • 21st-century communications, smooth transport access, and global-standard office space that enhances maximum productivity.
  • High concentration of offices, banks, financial institutions, etc.

Tech Valley

  • Innovation Ecosystem
  • Tech incubators & Accelerators
  • Supportive Infrastructures


  • Olympic-standard sport complex
  • PGA standard 18-hole Golf Course
  • Football & Basketball academies.
  • Martial Arts, Swimming, among others.

Re-Imagined Education

  • Host world class education vocational & technical institutes
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Schools
  • Elementary, Secondary & Tertiary Institutions
  • An educational ecosystem that challenges the norms and encourages out of the box thinking

Tourism & Entertainment

  • Agro-tourism 
  • Film village (Nollywood studio)
  • Water & other theme parks, 
  • Outdoor activities such as camping, sky/canopy walking, bungee, and resorts.


  • Specialist hospitals.
  • A General Hospital and clinic bays provide community-based health care services to residents and non-residents. 
Valor City is not just a smart city, it is an enabling environment where dreams find the perfect ground to flourish.
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