Are you ready to become a Valor Citizen?

If yes, congratulations!

500 plots (out of the residential area)
is now open for Sales

(A plot is 450 meter square)

This is your easiest chance to become NOT just a Valor Citizen, but one of the PIONEERS of a NEW TRIBE that is set to transform Africa.

Why You Must Buy Land In Valor City

We are rewarding early believers of this project with “very affordable” access to become part of the Valor Tribe. This is a lifetime opportunity for every Nigerian and African who can afford it now. For the following reasons, you should endeavour to take action fast:

Price is lowest now (350k per plot). A plot will start selling for nothing less than 1m within the next 4-6 months.

As building commences in the city early next year, more people troop to the area, and price keeps going up.

The influx of foreigners will translate to increased economic prosperity for the towns and the areas around Valor City. The more activity increases, the more people move into the area, further driving up the cost of land.

The city location is close to a functioning and growing Ilorin international airport, just 25 minutes’ drive away.

Buy more now and resell for profit next year at least when the prices shoot up. (Don’t worry, we will help you in the process.)

Those that buy lands in Valor City now are giving themselves and their families the chance to be one of the pioneers of a transformational project that is set to take Africa by storm.

Very good investment because the city’s location is in Oriire local government (Oyo State) which has become the fastest growing agricultural Real Estate hub in Nigeria with over 30, 000 acres sold to eminent personalities in the last 10 years.

The low price is a reward for early believers and indigenes of Oyo state.

Foreigners that come into Ogbomoso for cashew yearly are already showing interest because they need a home away from home. This will drive up the price.

There has been good information that there is a high chance of a new state coming out of Oyo state and with Ogbomoso expected to be the capital, the cost of the land in Valor City’s location is expected to go up by at least 600%.

The City’s location is on the major trade route between the North and South of Nigeria.