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Africa’s 1st smart city championing holistic human development in Africa through reimagined education, sport, entertainment, tourism, and technology. 

Valor City represents the vision of the continent’s immense potential in a time where Nigeria and Africa’s human capital development index is at an all-time low. The top-tier smart city boasts over 2000 acres of land, located within the bounds of Ilorin, Ogbomosho, Igbeti, and Oyo town, just 25 minutes’ drive to the Ilorin International Airport. The Valor Tribe (residents of the city) represents a new breed of people committed to changing the African narrative. Raised, trained, and nurtured in Valor City—an ecosystem designed to empower them with the mindset to see what is possible for themselves, their society, and the continent at large—these ones are empowered to unlock Africa’s full potential.

The cardinal ideology that birthed the Valor City was rooted in the passion to see African unlock the fullness of her potential. We believe Nigeria has enough cities, and moreover, more will still be built. We do not intend to join the bandwagon of individuals and companies building new cities with focus on giving the residents the much needed comfort their money can buy. Valor City, rather, is the physical equivalent of the organic ecosystem expected to sprout from the human activities surrounding our initiatives around sports, reimagined education, tourism, tech, among others.

As tourism is a key component of Valor City’s overall plan, Valor City was strategically located in a serene area and a getaway ecosystem for a tribe of people that seeks to break away from the chaotic dysfunctional cities of Nigeria. It’s a new beginning, pioneer ideal location and a sane environment to work, live and play distant from the hustle and bustle of major cities in Nigeria.

The location offers an experience of an ideal lifestyle for an individual and supports the dream of raising a family with all you need in one place. A place to learn, live, work, shop, a place for entertainment, relaxation and much more in a well-planned natural environment coupled with the highest standards of infrastructure.

Professionals, among others, especially in places like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and in the diaspora, are always looking for a get-away place where they can rest and have a serene environment for some days before getting back to their busy schedules and the likes.

Valor city, from a tourism standpoint, is the perfect place for this.

The parent company of the Valor City project is Hastom Properties, a company that who started out with sales of arable and problem-free farmlands in the year 2015. Hastom Properties is a company under The Hastom Group, a conglomerate with key interests and businesses across Agriculture, Real Estate, Food Processing, Human Development, and Tourism.   

Over the past 7 years, the companies have reached the following milestones:

  • Pioneered Agricultural Real Estate in Africa. 
  • Helped thousands of investors, agro-enthusiasts, and the general public create massive wealth through profitable investments in yam and cassava cultivation, cattle rearing, cashew trading, and general agribusiness.
  • Major influencer of the Nigerian cashew value chain (Number one exported agricultural product) by being an active cultivator, aggregator and leading promoter of the Ogbomoso cashew nut which is unarguably the most in demand all over the world.   
  • Leading pioneer of absentee farming in Africa having helped thousands of people who have the interest and financial resources but have no time and expertise to manage their agro investment and portfolios (Over 2500 farm setup and management.)
  • Major contributor to the African agro value chain by facilitating the availability of thousands of fertile and arable farmland (outright sales or lease) yearly (over 15k acres till date) to hundreds of agro investors across Africa and the world at large.
  • Successfully engineered the development and popularity of Oriire local government in Ogbomoso, Oyo state into one of the fastest growing agricultural hub in Africa with the presence of heavy agro-based projects and people of diverse nationalities contributing geometrically to the economic output of the area. 
  • Over 5000 satisfied investors, partners, and clients across Africa and the rest of the world.
  • Over 6000 metric tons of cashew have been traded since 2019.
  • Full media mentions and coverage across leading Nigerian newspapers like The Nation, Guardian, Business Day, among others.
  • Awarded the MOST OUTSTANDING AGRICULTURAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY by South West Nigeria Excellence Award (2019) among other awards.

Everyone should aspire and plan to live in Valor City because she represents a new way of thinking and living. A city that seeks to raise a tribe of people who will add massive value to African society should be everyone’s desired home. When you choose to become a Valor citizen, you have the unique opportunity to:

  • Leave behind a dysfunctional and chaotic environment to a technology-driven sane clime that serves a major boost to your productivity and achieving your life goals.
  • Raise your kids in an ideal environment that makes it easy to discover their gifts, harness their potentials and set them up to become key contributors to the advancement of our society.
  • Join a tribe of young people who will leverage on technology to create innovative solutions in all sectors across Africa and the world.  
  • Enjoy your old age in a clime designed to give you the natural ambiance, serenity, and quality medical attention you need.
  • Become one of the pioneers of a tribe that is committed to unlocking Africa’s human, social, and economic potentials.

The company’s head office is currently located at Hastom Cashew Center, Adebayo Alata Industrial Layout Old Ogbomoso-Ilorin Road, Abaa Surulere Local Government Area, Ogbomoso.

It’s a smart city because it is built with unbeatable urban planning, smart infrastructure and latest information technology systems to optimize city functions and promote economic growth, while also improving the quality of life for citizens.

Lands in the residential zone of the city are now open to the public. We believe it is very important to give people this opportunity and reward them as early believers of the project. We believe this is a lifetime opportunity for every Nigerians who can afford it now. For the following reasons, endeavor to take action fast:

  • Price is lowest now (350k per plot). A plot will start selling for nothing less than 1m within the next 4-6 months.
  • The chance to invest and make more money for yourself in the long run by buying more plots now, then selling as price increases (Don’t worry, we will help you in the process.)
  • This is a very good investment because the land is located in Oriire local government (Oyo State) which has become the fastest growing agricultural Real Estate hub in Nigeria with over 30, 000 acres sold to eminent personalities in the last 10 years. Farmlands sold for 50, 000/acre in 2014 today sells for N200, 000 – N350, 000/acre.
  • Buying lands in Valor City is giving yourself and your family the chance to be one of the pioneers of a transformational project that is set to take Africa by storm.
  • There has been good information that there is a high chance of a new state coming out of Oyo state and with Ogbomoso expected to be the capital, the cost of the land in Valor City’s location is expected to go up by at least 600%.
  • Even though it’s an area largely dominated by agricultural projects in the last 7 years, it would interest you to know that land in Oriire local government where Valor City is sited has seen over 1000% increase in price in the last 6 years. That area is fast developing. Now with Valor City project in the area and the prospect of the city becoming the capital of a new state, what do you sincerely think the price will be worth in 2023? Isn’t that the kind of investments you want?
  • The Ogbomoso cashew nut is in huge demand all over the world and for this reason high influx of foreigners into the city 3-4 times in a year which has become a very normal phenomenon. These foreigners are often in need of a place that would feel to them a home away from home. From our engagements with them as a major influencer of the Nigerian cashew value chain, we have discovered that they can’t wait for Valor City to get started. This is another reason the value of the land will keep rising.
  • The influx of foreigners will translate to increased economic prosperity for the towns and the areas around Valor City. The more activity increases, the more people move into the area, further driving up the cost of land.
  • Proximity of the city to a functioning and growing Ilorin international airport.
  • The City’s location is located on the major trade route between the North and South of Nigeria.
  • Improved living conditions for citizens where there are no environmental issues such as flooding, traffic jams, overpopulation etc.
  • A radical improvement of economic outputs in Nigeria and across Africa in a few years to come as a result of the deliberate human development commitment of today as a result of Valor City’s initiatives.  
  • Creation of thousands of job opportunities that helps to reduce crime rates. After the completion of the project, it is projected that a minimum of 120,000 jobs will be created both directly and indirectly, thus having a great impact in the lives of the people in the city of Ogbomoso and surrounding areas.
  • Better living for every African as a result of a new generation of Africans trained and empowered in Valor City’s ecosystem who are starting to leverage on technology to create innovative solutions to key problems besetting the continent in diverse sectors.
  • Financial benefits for investors and other service providers connected to the city’s direct or indirect operational chain.
  • Acceleration of Nigeria’s economic growth through human development particularly amongst the youths to become catalysts that unlocks Africa’s full social and economic potential.

Many opportunities are available for prospective partners in: City development, Education, Sports, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Hospitality, Utilities and Infrastructure and more. Valor City welcomes interested parties to provide their propositions via mail to

Land ownership is open to ALL PERSONS who are:

  • Nigerian and other eligible non-citizens.
  • 18 years of age and above 

N.B: Purchase could also be made in details of  an offspring or child not upto age of 18 years as long as he/she is Nigerian or an eligible non-citizen.

80,000-100,000 residents and facilities for up to 15,000 daily visitors

Surveillance Security network & patrol, 24 hours power, Waste management facilities, A modern mall, 21st Century Library, Police station, City administration office, Solar power, Electric charging station for cars, Tourist Center, A museum, Modern day Hospital, among others. 

Currently, a plot of land (450sqm) is sold for N380, 000. Asides the cost of land, there is a legal fee (to process deed of assignment & survey) to be paid alongside cost of land before allocation is done.

The land is free from every government known acquisition, interest, and claim.

A receipt of payment, Deed of Assignment, and Survey.

Yes, the land was legally purchased by our parent company, Hastom properties and we have all the necessary title documents needed. Hastom properties has been in the business of selling lands in Ogbomoso, Oyo State for over ten years now. We have our name and integrity to protect as we have never been involved in any fraudulent land in these years. This is due to the due diligence we carry out before purchasing any property.

Valor City holds title documents of the land including the survey plan and C of O. The Ministry of Land will never approve a survey plan and C of O for a government acquired area.

Land ownership is transferable once the owner has gotten all the necessary documents after the full payment for the land. Nevertheless, the city administration must be carried along for proper documentation. Also see terms and conditions documents for clarity.

There is no limit to land size ownership in Valor city. This is because an individual who sees the potential of the city could choose to buy for resale in future. Also entities or co-operatives could make a bulk land acquisition particularly for their members.

Yes, all buyers will get a document called development guideline once construction has been approved to commence.

All necessary governmental bodies/agencies are being carried along on execution of our vision and all local and national approvals have been obtained. The approval for the survey council of Oyo State, and the ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development have been secured for the land.

Yes, Land ownership can be transferred to a third party as long as:

  • Intention is made known in writing to city administration and request is approved.
  • There is no outstanding payment to be made.
  • A non-refundable 5% of the purchase price per plot is paid for the necessary transfer documentation.
  • Such third parties agree to comply with the terms and conditions of transfer of ownership.

Development levy covers infrastructures that will be put in place in the residential estate (drainage, street lights, perimeter fencing, earth road etc). It also covers fees to be paid to the Government for building approval. This is to be paid before construction of plots, fee to be paid will be communicated to Purchasers upon City’s approval for . 

Services include provision of power, water, waste collection, security of the wider development, cleaning of the common areas, sewage treatment. Cost to be communicated to Purchasers upon city’s approval of construction.

No. Cost of land is exclusive of legal fees and surveys.

  • Survey Plan: N50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira)
  • Deed of Assignment: 7.5% of the purchase price. 
  • The Legal fee (deed of assignment & survey) should be paid alongside purchase of land.
  • The Development Levy will be paid upon approval of construction by city administration once the purchaser makes the decision to construct his plot while the Service Charge will be paid after the Purchasers have completed the construction of their Plots.

Buyers can build their own designs as long as it is in line with the development guideline and a building permit has been provided.

Yes, this is greatly encouraged, however, all sales must however go through the city administration.

All payments will be made into the company’s bank account, however, before payment is made, do ensure to contact a salesperson who can guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary documents.

No, you don’t need to come in person to get a piece of the properties. Our payment structure has made it easier for anyone to make a purchase and get their documents delivered to them afterwards.

The development of the city would be complete in the next 6 – 8 years.

From our projections, residents can start living in the city from the year 2023.

There are 3 available dimensions of plot size – 300m², 450m² and 600m². However, the 450m² is the plot size available for sale for now.

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