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What is Valor City?

Africa’s 1st smart city championing holistic human development in Africa through reimagined education, sport, entertainment, tourism, and technology. 

Valor City represents the vision of the continent’s immense potential at a time when Nigeria and Africa’s human capital development index is at an all-time low. The top-tier smart city boasts over 2000 acres of land, located within the bounds of Ilorin, Ogbomosho, Igbeti, and Oyo town, just a 25-minute drive to the Ilorin International Airport. The Valor Tribe (residents of the city) represents a new breed of people committed to changing the African narrative. Raised, trained, and nurtured in Valor City—an ecosystem designed to empower them with the mindset to see what is possible for themselves, their society, and the continent at large—these ones are empowered to unlock Africa’s full potential.    


To create an ecosystem for breeding a new tribe of people empowered to unlock Africa’s full potential.



To extensively nurture and develop the continent’s human capital base by giving everyone the access to reach the fullness of their potential through the instrumentality of sport, reimagined education, tourism, and healthcare.      

What Makes Valor City Different From Other Cities?

The foundational principle behind the inception of Valor City lies in our unwavering commitment to witnessing Africans tap into the depths of their potential. We recognize that Nigeria already boasts numerous cities, and we acknowledge that more will inevitably be constructed. However, our aim is not to merely follow the trend of constructing cities that prioritize providing residents with luxurious comforts in exchange for their investments.

Valor City stands apart. It serves as a tangible manifestation of the organic ecosystem that naturally emerges from the human endeavors that revolve around our initiatives in sports, innovative education, tourism & entertainment, technology, and more. We envision Valor City as a living embodiment of the interconnectedness and synergy that emanate from these activities. It represents a holistic approach to unlocking the immense potential that lies within each African individual.

Why The Location?

Valor City is strategically situated in a tranquil setting, offering a refuge and a haven for a tribe of individuals seeking respite from the chaotic and dysfunctional cities of Nigeria. It serves as a fresh start, a pioneering destination, and a peaceful environment to work, reside, and engage in recreational activities, far removed from the hustle and bustle of major urban centers in the country.

This location provides an exceptional lifestyle experience, catering to the needs of individuals who aspire to build a family in a single, comprehensive locale. It encompasses everything one requires in one place—a space for learning, dwelling, working, shopping, entertainment, relaxation, and much more—all thoughtfully planned within a natural environment that adheres to the highest standards of infrastructure.

Professionals, particularly those based in bustling cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and even those in the diaspora, often seek a tranquil getaway where they can recharge and enjoy a serene environment for a few days before returning to their demanding schedules. Valor City, from a tourism perspective, perfectly fulfills this need, making it an ideal destination for such individuals.

What Company Is Behind This Project?

The parent company of the Valor City project is Hastom Properties, a company that started out with sales of arable and problem-free farmlands in the year 2015. Hastom Properties is a company under The Hastom Group, a conglomerate with key interests and businesses across Agriculture, Real Estate, Food Processing, Human Development, and Tourism.   

Over the past 7 years, the companies have reached the following milestones:

  • Pioneered Agricultural Real Estate in Africa. 
  • Helped thousands of investors, agro-enthusiasts, and the general public create massive wealth through profitable investments in yam and cassava cultivation, cattle rearing, cashew trading, and general agribusiness.
  • Major influencer of the Nigerian cashew value chain (Number one exported agricultural product) by being an active cultivator, aggregator and leading promoter of the Ogbomoso cashew nut, which is unarguably the most in demand all over the world.   
  • Leading pioneer of absentee farming in Africa has helped thousands of people who have the interest and financial resources but have no time and expertise to manage their agro investment and portfolios (Over 2500 acres farm setup and management.)
  • A major contributor to the African agro value chain by facilitating the availability of thousands of fertile and arable farmland (outright sales or lease) yearly (over 15,000 acres till date) to hundreds of agro investors across Africa and the world at large.
  • Successfully engineered the development and popularity of Oriire local government in Ogbomoso, Oyo state, into one of the fastest growing agricultural hubs in Africa with the presence of heavy agro-based projects and people of diverse nationalities contributing geometrically to the economic output of the area. 
  • Over 5000 satisfied investors, partners, and clients across Africa and the rest of the world.
  • Over 25,000 metric tons of cashew have been traded since 2019.
  • Full media mentions and coverage across leading Nigerian newspapers like The Nation, Guardian, and Business Day, among others.
  • Awarded the MOST OUTSTANDING AGRICULTURAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY by South West Nigeria Excellence Award (2019), among other awards.

Why Should I Live In Valor City

Everyone should aspire and plan to live in Valor City because she represents a new way of thinking and living. A city that seeks to raise a tribe of people who will add massive value to African society should be everyone’s desired home. When you choose to become a Valor citizen, you have the unique opportunity to:

  • Escape from a disordered and frenzied environment and immerse yourself in a technology-driven and serene atmosphere that propels your productivity and empowers you to achieve your life goals.
  • Raise your kids in an ideal environment that makes it easy to discover their gifts, harness their potential and set them up to become key contributors to the advancement of our society.
  • Join a tribe of young people who will leverage technology to create innovative solutions in all sectors across Africa and the world.  
  • Enjoy your old age in a clime designed to give you the natural ambiance, serenity, and quality medical attention you need.Become one of the pioneers of a tribe that is committed to unlocking Africa’s human, social, and economic potential.   

Where Is Valor City’s Head Office?

The company’s head office is currently located at Hastom Cashew Center, Adebayo Alata Industrial Layout, Old Ogbomoso-Ilorin Road, Abaa Surulere Local Government Area, Ogbomoso.

What Makes Valor City A Smart City?

It’s a smart city because it is built with unbeatable urban planning, smart infrastructure and the latest information technology systems to optimize city functions and promote economic growth while also improving the quality of life for citizens.

What are the Unique Benefits People and Society Stand to Gain From This Project

  • Improved living conditions for citizens without environmental issues such as flooding, traffic jams, overpopulation etc.
  • A radical improvement of economic outputs in Nigeria and across Africa in a few years to come as a result of the deliberate human development commitment of today as a result of Valor City’s initiatives.  
  • Creation of thousands of job opportunities that helps to reduce crime rates. After the completion of the project, it is projected that a minimum of 120,000 jobs will be created both directly and indirectly, thus having a significant impact on the lives of the people in the city of Ogbomoso and surrounding areas.
  • Better living for every African as a result of a new generation of Africans trained and empowered in Valor City’s ecosystem. This is aimed at helping you leverage technology to create innovative solutions to key problems. 
  • Financial benefits for investors and other service providers connected to the city’s direct or indirect operational chain.
  • Acceleration of Nigeria’s economic growth through human development, particularly amongst the youths, to become catalysts that unlock Africa’s social and economic potential.

What Opportunities Are Available For Partnership?

  • Many opportunities are available for prospective partners in: 

    1. City development
    2. Tourism & Entertainment
    3. Education
    4. Sports
    5. Healthcare
    6. Manufacturing
    7. Hospitality
    8. Utilities and Infrastructure and more. 
    Valor City welcomes interested parties to provide their propositions via mail to

Who Is Eligible To Buy Land In Valor City?

Land ownership is open to ALL PERSONS who are:

  • Nigerian and other eligible non-citizens.
  • 18 years of age and above 

N.B: Purchase could also be made in details of an offspring or child not up to the age of 18 years as long as he/she is Nigerian or an eligible non-citizen.

How Many Residents Will The City Accommodate At Completion?

80,000-100,000 residents and facilities for up to 15,000 daily visitors 

What Are The Facilities That Will Be Available At Valor City? 

  • Surveillance Security network & patrol
  • 24 hours power
  • Waste management facilities
  • A modern mall
  • 21st Century Library
  • City administration office
  • Solar power
  • Electric charging station for cars
  • Tourist attractions
  • Modern-day health-care centers and facilities. 

What Are The Costs Of Owning Land In Valor City?

Reach out to us on to get more information

Any Encumbrance On The Land?

The land is free from every government-known acquisition, interest, and claim.

Does The Land Truly Belong To Your Company?

Yes, the land was legally purchased by our parent company, Hastom Properties, and we have all the necessary title documents needed. Hastom Properties has been in the business of selling lands in Ogbomoso, Oyo State for over ten years now. We have our name and integrity to protect, as we have never been involved in any fraudulent sale or illegal land acquisition in these years. This is due to the due diligence we carry out before purchasing any property.

How Can I Be Sure This Isn’t A Government Acquired Area?

Valor City holds title documents of the land, including the survey plan and C of O. The Ministry of Land will never approve a survey plan and C of O for a government-acquired area.

Is Land Ownership Transferable?

Land ownership is transferable once the owner has gotten all the necessary documents after the full payment for the land. Nevertheless, the city administration must be carried along for proper documentation. Also, see the terms and conditions documents for clarity.

What Is The Maximum Land Size One Can Own?

There is no limit to land size ownership in Valor City. This is because an individual who sees the potential of the city could choose to buy for resale in future. Also, entities or co-operatives could make a bulk land acquisition, particularly for their members.

Do Buyers Get A Building Guideline Before They Commence Construction?

Yes, all buyers will get a document called development guideline once construction has been approved to commence.

Does This Project Have Government Approval?

All necessary governmental bodies/agencies are being carried along on the execution of our vision, and all local and national approvals have been obtained. The approval for the survey council of Oyo State and the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development have been secured for the land.

Can An Individual Or Company Buy Plots Of Land In Valor City With The Hope Of Reselling When the Price Increases? 

Yes, this is greatly encouraged. However, all sales must go through the city administration.

Do I Need To Come In Person Before I Can Buy?

No, you don’t need to come in person to get a piece of the property. Our payment structure has made it easier for anyone to make a purchase and get their documents delivered to them afterwards. 

What Is The Timeline For The Infrastructural Development Of The Whole City? As In, When Will It Be Ready?

The development of the city would be complete in the next 6 – 10 years.

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