A smart City like no other, set to unlock Africa’s full human, social, and economic potential.

Access to Endless Possibilities

In a time where Nigeria and Africa’s human capital development index is at an all-time low, Valor City represents the vision of the continent’s immense potential. The top-tier smart city boasts over 2000 acres of land, located within the bounds of Ilorin, Ogbomosho, Igbeti, and Oyo town, just 25 minutes’ drive to the Ilorin International Airport. It is designed to be a getaway ecosystem for a tribe of people that seeks to break away from the chaotic dysfunctional cities of Nigeria for a sane environment where they can live the best version of their lives.

At Valor City, our cardinal focus is to massively nurture and develop the continent’s human capital base by giving everyone the access to reach the fullness of their potential through the instrumentality of sport, reimagined education, tourism, and healthcare.



Sport has proven globally to be a vehicle for maximum productivity, wealth creation and success among the youths. By leveraging on proven models, world-class trainers, and standard infrastructural setups, Valor City provides the opportunity to develop world class talents in various marketable sports such as football, golf, basketball, martial arts, lawn tennis, gymnastics, and boxing, among others.

Reimagined Education

Imagine an environment where you can share ideas no matter how crazy or unpopular it sounds, learn how things work in the real world, master your craft, deploy expert knowledge, develop entrepreneurial, vocational or art skills, and be trained to contribute to society’s advancement? Valor City presents a model of education that is focused on empowering individuals to contribute to the real world through their gifts, skills, potentials, and special abilities.

Tech Valley

With access to the revolutionary TECH VALLEY expected to be completed in two years, Valor City is committed to raising thousands of productive youths who will leverage technology to create innovative solutions that contribute to the creation of new jobs, economic empowerment of vulnerable groups, promotion of better health systems, quality education, among other innovations that aid human advancements.


When will less people from Africa travel international boundaries to get their healthcare and health needs? The answer is when we are able to retain the best brains in the medical field and make available best healthcare facilities. This is what Valor City promise. Every child, older people, and others requiring diverse range of specialized medical services across Africa will have the best hands and facilities available.


There’s no better time than now to tell our stories and showcase Africa’s rich and diverse cultural heritage to the world. The global-standard film village (Nollywood), film production center, Disney-inspired Children Park, among other attractions, are cardinal pieces of Valor City’s design to boost Africa’s social, human, and economic outputs. 

Smart City

Valor City represents the vision of Africa’s potential, an access for anyone to be a part of an ecosystem leveraging disruptive innovations in sports, tourism, healthcare, tech, and education to increase the continent’s human development outputs. A city with smart functionalities powered by the latest technologies and conducive ambience created with just one purpose in mind—to unleash the best version of you and let you thrive.



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Why You Should
Be Part of Valor City

Valor City represents a new way of thinking and living. The city seeks to raise a tribe of people who will add massive value to African society. Choosing to become a Valor citizen means you have the unique opportunity to:

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